Spiritual Oils

Original Anna-Riva spiritual oils for protection, jinx or curse removing and blessings for home and person

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Dragons Blood Oil (10ml)
Dragons Blood Oil is an uncrossing oil which is used by those who believe themselves to have a ..
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Frankincense Oil (10ml)
Frankincense oil has been used throughout the centuries for purification, protection and exorci..
High John Oil / John the Conquerer Oil (10ml)
High John/John the Conqueror: Probably one of the most popular spiritual oils, it is believed to aid..
Holy Oil Blessed  (10ml)
Holy oil is a sacred oil for blessing altars, candles, religious implements and talismans and sprink..
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Protection Oil (10ml)
Protection Oil: It is said that the daily use of this oil will protect you from enemies; wear o..
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Uncrossing Oil (10ml)
Users of uncrossing oil claim it will breakdown or remove all types of hexes, curses, and crossed co..