Pure Angelica Root 5ml

Pure Angelica Root 5ml

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AKA Holy Ghost Oil, Holy Spirit Root and is associated with Archangel Michael. (This oil is not one of the biblical oils but is of great value in aromatherapy and for spiritual purposes). Angelica Root Oil has historically been used to combat anxiety, stress, depression, instability and irrational fear. This oil is said to assist in removing negative energy from the mind, body and spirit and assists in the grounding of the chakra's of the root, heart and crown. This oil can also be beneficial when meditating.

Spiritual uses: Angelica Root Oil is used for blessing and protecting the home and is often used to protect oneself from all manner evils, jinxes, curses and bad luck. When used in an oil burner you will begin to see an feel an atmospheric change in your surroundings and a calmness within yourself. This is because Angelica Root is said to attract the higher positive forces. When you are feeling tired or mentally fatigued add a few drops of Angelica Oil into a bowl and dab the water on your face for immediate relief. Sprinkled around the home it offers protection and removes negative energies.

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