Golden Amber Resin Grade 1 Resin (5g)

Golden Amber Resin Grade 1 Resin (5g)

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Our Grade 1 Amber resin is of the highest quality available. Amber Resin is often referred to as the Nectar of the Gods or Ambrosia because of its divine fragrance. It is also used for its protection, healing and purification properties and can be used to heighten the qualities of any other incense it is mixed with.  This scent gives the wearer a sense of comfort and peace, as well as having qualties reported to ease depression, stress related illnesses and anxiety. 

This pure perfume resin can be rubbed directly on to the skin to release a beautiful scent that will last all day. A small amount can be placed in your clothes drawer, in your car, or any small space to leave it beautifully fragranced. It can also be burnt on charcoal just like incense to release a heavenly scent throughout your home.




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