Incense Powder

Incense Powder
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Black salt 60g (approx)
Sprinkle Black salt in the four corners of the room so that evil may not enter,, sprinkle black salt..
Guardian Incense Powder 45g (approx)
Guard incense: this incense is said to be an impregnable shield from harm when it is used daily and ..
Hex Breaker  Incense  Powder 45g (approx)
Hex Breaking Incense: This incense powder is said to break any chains which may bind us when an unkn..
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Protection Incense powder 45g (approx)
Protection Incense Powder: (Black and Red) this incense is said to destroy negative energies and evi..
Sulphur  Powder 21g (approx)
Sulphur Incense: This incense should be used with caution and anyone suffering from respiratory/brea..