12 Holy Oils Special Blend 10ml

12 Holy Oils Special Blend 10ml

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Blended by Mystic Aura.

This is a very special blend of oils that will provide spiritual uplifting and is very good for those whose are suffering from stress, nervous disorders, anxiety, hypertension etc. Use this combination of oils in an oil burner and see the uplifting effects and the soothing it has on the mind. The majority of the above oils were used on the altar in the holy bible and will provide the home with spiritual cleansing and blessing whilst removing negative energies from you and your surroundings a few drops can also be added to your bath water or mop bucket or sprinkled around the home. This holy oil blend can also be used to anoint candles and bless oneself. If you are using this oil to anoint yourself then please dilute in water or a carrier oil before use. Finally if you are suffering from a cold or bronchial problem, inhale this oil with some eucalyptus oil over a bucket and it will provide relief as this also acts as a good decongestant.

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